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Things I like to do

Here are 5 things that I like to do:

#1  Play video games like: Minecraft,, #2  Read my fav's #3  Run #4  Real games like doge ball and, everybody's it #5  Rest
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Helping to type

Primary kids learning to type

We used a site that I forgot the name but next time I wright about this I will remember the name of the site (hopefully).  What Cameron and I did was we showed them where to put there fingers like there pointer fingers on the J and F keys with the bumps on them.
Lately when we've gone to the primary school the kids they know everything they need to. So I don't think they need much more help.
Writing about what i'm suppose to

Recently in class I've used my device to look up stuff for market-day to help a teacher in the computer lab at my school with the printer, In another teacher's class for 3D game lab, Cooking with proportions in another teacher's class, marketday in every class, and for blogs like this one. When I have to help my teachers or classmates usually when the computers don't turn on, if they needed to send something
How I use my device in my classes 

So far I have used it in math for cooking with proportions, humanities for looking up things about mesopotamia and stuff like that, and most commonly in science for 3D GameLab and looking stuff up for example what I did today (dec 5th 16) I looked up what is light energy. (for a google slides assignment).